Behavioral Risk Management

Behavioral Risk Management (BRM) refers to risks connected with the workplace behaviors of employees and organizations such as stress, conflicts, violence, substance abuse, retaliation, work overload, work insecurity and organizational changes. These workplace behaviors and conditions result in poor communication, decrease in motivation, unpredictable emotional reactions, poor quality of work, detachment, absenteeism and cost employers millions in lost productivity and legal expenses, not to mention damages to a company’s reputation and brand.

Hellas EAP applies the BRM Protocol which is a planned comprehensive approach for prevention and early intervention of these “human” risks by implementing control oriented measures that identity and manage interpersonal and organizational factors that lead to poor business performance. Interventions may focus at an individual level with the objective of changing the employee’s behaviors or at an organizational level, by targeting the organizational policies and structures in order to develop a value based resilient work environment.

«There are risks and costs to a program of action… but they are far less than
the long-range risks and costs of comfortable inaction…»
John F. Kennenty


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