EAP Business Value Statistics

An EAP that is aligned with organizational values and vision will measurably enhance business operations, the overall employee experience, and the community perceptions of the company. A well-run EAP will provide a positive ROI (EAP Workgroup 2007).

The Business Case for EAPs

•  Watson Wyatt Research (2007) : Well-being Program’s Implementation:

√ 77% employee satisfaction increase from their work

√ 54% health improvement

√ 54% productivity increase

√ 39% reduction of medical costs


•   The workplace outcomes suite: Measuring the Real Impact of EAP  (2011) :

√ significant increase in Work Engagement and Life Satisfaction


•   Davidson Trahaire Corsych, (2012): It found that a company would get:

√ an average return of $10,187.99 in productivity improvements /year for each employee who uses an EAP


•   EAP counseling: outcomes, impact and ROI by Paul J Flanagan & Jeffrey Ots (2012):

The impact of EAP on personal & work functioning and wellbeing showed broad and large changes with:

√  86% improvement in regard to emotional wellbeing
√  50%  improvement  in  work  morale  &  motivation
√  45% improvement in work-life management
√  24-27% improvement  averages   in  regard  to  physical  health,  work relationships and work productivity


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