Critical Incident Stress Response

Critical Incident Stress Response (CISR), is an International certified  intervention protocol developed by the Critical Incident Stress Foundation Inc., specifically designed to assist people who were exposed, witnessed or affected by a traumatic or critical incident either in the workplace or in their personal lives. Following a critical event, employees often do not operate at a high level of efficiency having a direct or indirect impact on an organization’s Productivity, Performance and Profitability.

In the workplace a critical incident may include an armed robbery, threats of violence, accidents, explosion, death of a colleague, downsizing, reductions in salaries, reorganizations, mergers or other workplace transitions. In their personal lives, employees may experience a death in the family, diagnosis of a life threatening illness, abuse, divorce, loss of employment, natural disasters etc. Companies, on an International level, include CISR in their Crisis & Security Management and to their Business Continuity & Recovery Plan.

«A company needs to have good business reflexes, to be able to marshal its
forces in a crisis or in response to any unplanned event»
Bill Gates


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