EAP Agenda

14th European Academy of Occupational Health Psychology Conference: 6-8 April 2020, Nicosia, Cyprus

EAP Institute: “Employee Health and Wellbeing – Developing an Integrated Approach”, 23 April 2020, Dublin, Ireland

EAP Institute: “Providing Reasonable Accommodation for Workplace Mental Health”, 21 May 2020, Dublin, Ireland

EAEF’s 2020 Annual Conference: “Diversity – What can EAP’s and business leaders learn from the ancient Greek philosophers?”, 11-12 June 2020, Athens, Greece

10th International Conference on Health, Wellness & Society: “Advancing Health and Equity: Best practices in an international perspective”, 3-4 September 2020, Sorbonne University, Paris, France

EAP Institute: “Employee Support Services (ESS) for Workplace Mental Health”, Thursday 17 September 2020, Dublin, Ireland

EAPA’s 2020 Annual World EAP Conference: 27-29 October 2020, Houston, Texas, USA

33rd International Congress on Occupational Health – ICOH 2021: 21 – 26 March 2021, Melbourne, Australia


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