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Ηellas EAP Human Growth & Development programs are synonymous with the term of employee development, personal effectiveness and people skills. Unlike hard skills, soft skills include intra and inter-personal abilities such as self-confidence, self-esteem, tolerance, initiative, self-control, communication techniques and motivation in order employees feel happier and work at peak performance.

Hellas EAP tailor made training solutions promote the invaluable concept of experiential learning aiming at developing behavioral competencies which are broadly applicable both in and outside the workplace. Employees value an increased focus, accountability and effectiveness, while linking their emotional intelligence and personality preference. Managers – besides their personal growth – acquire specialized skills to early detect and assess high risk situations related to the human factor. Organizations benefit in a much broader sense by achieving results that affect the bottom line such as enhanced productivity, reduced absenteeism, higher staff morale and free up their time management.

«Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement,
and success have no meaning»
Benjamin Franklin


Leadership                                   Crisis Management                 Organisational Change

Stress Management                    Team Building                          Communication & Conflict Resolution 

Customer Service                        Coaching                                  Promoting Mental Health

Wellness                                       Family Wellness                       Smoking Cessation Program



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