Managing Absenteeism / Presenteeism

Excessive absenteeism and presenteeism are two of the most common and challenging issues faced by employers. Absenteeism and presenteeism can cause serious  disruptions in the overall functioning of an  organization. Habitually absent  employees become a burden on the company and on the rest of the staff. Not only is there a drop in productivity caused by their absence, but the cost of bringing in temporary replacement, and the extra work passed on to other staff members can impact morale, quality of work, and customer service and satisfaction.

Hellas EAP implements comprehensive solutions that pair the company’s health management initiatives with a well-rounded program for managing absence and presence. Consequently, companies are best positioned to increase productivity and significantly reduce costs.

«Healthier employees mean happier employees. There’s less absenteeism, improved productivity
and lowered health care premium costs»
Jim Link


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Specialized services in the framework of crisis management due to rapidly spreading of the new coronavirus (COVID-19).

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