Occupational Health Psychology

Department of Occupational Health Psychology & Psychiatry
Developing Mental Health-Friendly Workplaces

Mental health is defined as the complete state of wellbeing in which the individual grows to realize his or her own abilities and potential, can cope with the normal or unexpected stresses in life, is able to establish and maintain satisfying interpersonal relationships and is generally productive. All human beings experience needs, physical and psychological, to a greater or lesser degree, placing mental health on a continuum which ranges from psychological wellbeing to emerging mental health issues and mental illness. This is why monitoring mental health is so necessary, especially in periods of prolonged crisis which are characterized by insecurity and stress.

Organizations that encourage mental health-friendly and safe workplace environments take proactive initiatives that enhance their employees’ health, safety and wellbeing, preventing at the same time the onset of factors that negatively influence their mental health and supporting the employees who are in need of it. Αn organization operating towards this direction, gains a competitive advantage since its employees who feel cared for and valued experience higher levels of motivation and commitment towards it. Consequently, the organization is empowered by its human capital’s increased levels of resilience and productivity and benefits from its lower direct and hidden costs, creating the prospects for stable growth and a positive outside image that attracts employees of high caliber.

Hellas EAP, with years of experience in promoting psychologically safe and mentally health-friendly workplaces, has developed the pioneering, unique to Greece, department of Occupational Health Psychology and Psychiatry, with the goal of enhancing the organizations’ operational efficiency through the provision of prevention and early intervention actions. The department offers services such as assessment and management of psychosocial risk factors, stress audits, psychometrics, fitness for duty evaluation, disability management, along with awareness raising programs on mental health and ways to manage it, well-being workshops and targeted trainings to the organizations’ human capital and executives.  

To receive more information on the services and programs offered by the department of Occupational Health Psychology and Psychiatry of Hellas EAP, contact the head George Georgantopoulos MD/Psychiatrist, by completing the contact form below.

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