Psychosocial Risks & Impacts in the Workplace Assessment

What are Psychosocial Risks?
Psychosocial risks represent one of the key priorities in health and safety in the workplace and include among others, job demands, workload, interpersonal relationships related to poorer performance, higher absenteeism and increased accident rates

Do you know what the key stressors are in your organization?
The Research and Psychometrics department of Hellas EAP has developed in cooperation with Professors from the University of Athens, the first Greek instrument measuring Psychosocial Risks in the Workplace.
P.R.I.W.A (Psychosocial Risks & Impacts in the Workplace Assessment) Tool has been constructed during 2011-2012, based on a Greek working sample, measuring psychosocial issues as detected in the Greek work environment. The aim of such an instrument is the strategic planning of interventions especially designed to fulfill the specific needs of each distinct work environment.

What makes P.R.I.W.A. a unique instrument?
P.R.I.W.A, is not a common instrument on psychosocial risks. Apart from measuring Psychosocial issues, it measures a number of factors that provide the employer with information on the whole picture of an organization as it measures issues, such as satisfaction, engagement, risks in the workplace, job insecurity etc.

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