Strategic Partnerships

Aid Plus Care

Aid Plus Care is a Greek company focusing on the design, development and implementation of healthcare and compliance protocols. The company, whose activity started in January 2013, has its registered offices in Athens.  The purpose of the Company is to provide specialized and innovative services, aiming to improve the quality of life of patients with chronic diseases and to promote social awareness and responsibility of companies that manufacture pharmaceutical products. The company has adopted efficient quality management systems for continuous self-assessment and self-improvement and ultimately for the improvement of its relationships with patients and other companies.





Evalion Talent Management

Evalion is the first company to introduce psychometrics to human resources management procedures in Greece and Cyprus in 1991, as SHL Hellas. In 2011, SHL Hellas was renamed to Evalion and started developing its own psychometric tools, while operating as an Entrepreneur Reseller of CEB (former SHL). Evalion is the only consulting firm in Greece staffed exclusively by occupational psychologists. That allows it to develop and provide specialized solutions to its clients for assessing different aspects of their human resources.  Evalion’s solutions contribute in a scientific way, to identifying potential and talent, improving occupational behavior and performance and ensuring organizational development. The solutions and assessment tools that Evalion provides, meet all the requirements that ensure objectivity, reliability and validity in the use of human resources assessment methods. Evalion offers its services and products in Greece and Cyprus.


Institute of Behaviour Research and Therapy

The Institute of Behaviour Research and Therapy (IBRT) is a non-profit organization founded in 1992 by members of the Greek Association of Behaviour Research and Therapy. Among its initial goals was the systematic training of mental health professionals (psychologists and psychiatrist) in cognitive behaviour therapy. Currently, IBRT operates exclusively as a research organization that provides cognitive behaviour therapy. The Association for Cognitive and Behavioural Studies, a 1st Lever Lifelong Learning Provider, continues the educational work that was provided by IBRT (EOPPEP license number 1051/ 29.04.2013). Training in cognitive behaviour therapy consists of four separate modules that provide a full theoretical and clinical training in compliance with the training standards of the European Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies (EABCT).

Ηellas EAP’s New Services: Adding Value to the Organization and its Employees

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