Hellas EAP provides services focused on the support of the psychological effects of the rapid spread of Covid19.

Through the 24-Hour Counselling Line and the Supportive Counselling Sessions, it offers employees and their families:

  • Psychological Support and Defusing, plus continuous enhancement of skills for the management of increasing stress, anxiety and psychological fatigue, associated with the unprecedented surge of Covid19 cases in our country and worldwide and the continuous social distancing measures.
  • Return to Work Program: Preparation and consultation on returning to work for employees who have themselves been sick or have had a family member fall sick, as well as support for their supervisor and work team members, in relation to the concerns / feelings that each of them experience.
  • Ongoing psychological support for employees with Covid19 who have recovered or for employees who may be infected with covid 19 , their family members and significant others.
  • Alleviation of stigma and discrimination. Training and awareness raising to reinforce the culture of inclusion in relation to employees who have themselves been sick or have had a person close to them fall sick, who might fall sick or were quarantined due to contact with a carrier of the virus or a sick person.
  • Empowering the family. Support and education as to how to communicate new measures in everyday life and at school and / or unpleasant news to children / and elderly family members.
  • Customer service / management. Guidance and support for the effective management of the increased pressure that is usually experienced by the employees at the frontline, who are in contact with a large or smaller number of consumers / customers.
  • Crisis Management Tool. Ongoing phone counselling for the HR Team in relation to human resources management, in case critical decisions have been made or are about to be made.

Additionally, specially designed on line services in the context of managing the crisis of the rapid spread of the new Coronavirus and its effects in all aspects of life:

Cybers Talks: Hourly online awareness and training seminars aimed at:

  • Management of the difficulties that have risen during the quarantine period (financial, relational, existential)
  • Learning practical techniques and methods for relieving stress and taking care of oneself
  • Support and adjustment of children, adolescents and elderly people in the era of Covid19
  • Improving one’s nutrition to fight stress and strengthen the immune system

Defusing Groups:
Online Defusing Groups of employees and executives who, due to the nature of their work, are under high psychological pressure.