Assessments/ Tools

Needs Assessment

Hellas EAP, collects a representative amount of data for the assessment and quantification of the adressed needs, and then plans, in collaboration with your organization, the necessary actions to meet its needs.

Data such as the following are collected and assessed:
• Needs assessment questionnaires, based on international EAP standards
• Formal data/information collected by the Organization (performance evaluations, internal surveys and evaluations, etc.)
• Quality data from the Human Resources Department

Program Use & Effectiveness Statistics

Regular and annual utilization reports: Return of anonymous statistical data to the company regarding the following areas:

  • Percentage of use
  • Demographics of those assisted
  • Types of problems, concerns, issues that were addressed based on the consultation to the EAP users
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Analysis of the dynamics of human resources problems
  • Recommendations, effective proposals to meet the emerged needs.

The collection of the above statistical data takes place in the context of strict compliance with the terms of the Personal Data Protection Authority – European Regulation GDPR.

Return On Investment (R.O.I.)

R.O.I. estimate: measurable results for the return on investment of the EAP Services in the Organization, from the increase in productivity after the use of support and counselling services. Valid for a service model consisting of the 24/7 Counselling & Crisis Advice Line and a minimum of 5 Supportive Counselling Sessions.

Measurements of Psychological Health and Wellness Indicators

Hellas EAP provides businesses with reliable tools for measuring and evaluating various wellbeing indicators, as a strategic approach to the prevention, detection and timely management of important dimensions of mental health and safety, such as:

  • Work stress
  • Burn out
  • Job satisfaction
  • Harmonization of personal and work life

P.R.I.W.A. (Psychosocial Risks & Impacts in the Workplace Assessment)

In 2012, the Department of Research and Psychometry of Hellas EAP development, in collaboration with the Laboratory of Experimental Psychology of the University of Athens, the P.R.I.W.A., the first Greek tool for measuring psychosocial risks and their impact on the workplace. Factors such as Organizational Culture, Job Requirements, Job Security, Presenteeism, Job Satisfaction, Job Commitment, Health and Wellness and Dysfunctional Behaviors are being assessed and measured.

The main goal of the P.R.I.W.A. is the early identification, prevention and design/ implementation of targeted actions to further enhance the efficiency and competitiveness of each organization.